A commitment to the centrality of faculty and of shared governance animates all of AAC&U’s work. The organization seeks to highlight how faculty members in all fields and all types of colleges and universities are developing effective teaching and learning approaches. AAC&U programs emphasize student and faculty engagement, deep learning, and student success through liberal education.

AAC&U projects bring together faculty to develop new curricular frameworks, more engaged and effective classroom and institutional practices, and new ways to advance liberal education for all students. This work focuses attention on changing demographics, global contexts, and evolving technologies. AAC&U has made a long-term commitment to address the preparation of future faculty and the preparation of all faculty for the future.

AAC&U's meetings, publications, and projects of particular interest to faculty and all educators are linked via the bars on the right.

Campus Models and Case Studies

Faculty Collaboratives E-Portfolio

Faculty Collaboratives E-Portfolio

This is the e-portfolio home of a large faculty-centered professional development project. The project is sponsored by AAC&U, with support from Lumina Foundation.Read More
Faculty Development for Student Success at Bronx Community College

Faculty Development for Student Success at Bronx Community College

Colleges and universities often have some form of first-year orientation to help both students and faculty become acquainted with the institution and learn about basic logistical procedures and key... Read More
Wisconsin Innovation Hub

Wisconsin Innovation Hub

The Wisconsin Innovation Hub creates a dynamic, interactive environment to support collaboration between educators for the purpose of student learning. The Hub provides spaces and resources to... Read More

Collaborating for Transfer Student Success at Mount Wachusett Community College and Fitchburg State University

A positive trend in recent years has been the move by many colleges and universities toward integrated curricula through which students forge connections between general education and the major and... Read More

Supporting Contingent Faculty for Better Learning Environments at Virginia Tech

Approximately half of the faculty members teaching in the English department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) work off the tenure track. Most of those non-tenure... Read More