The Delphi Project on the Changing Faculty and Student Success, a partnership between AAC&U and the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education, is examining principles, policies, and practices related to the work of faculty who teach on term contracts—now the majority of faculty nationally.  The Project recently released a paper about the institutional costs of supporting contingent or adjunct professors. Click here to read the Inside Higher Ed article which references this resource.  For a copy of the new Delphi report, "Adapting by Design: Creating Faculty Roles and Defining Faculty Work to Ensure an Intentional Future for Colleges and Universities," click here

A commitment to the centrality of faculty and of shared governance animates all of AAC&U’s work. The organization seeks to highlight how faculty members in all fields and all kinds of colleges and universities are developing effective teaching and learning approaches. AAC&U programs emphasize student and faculty engagement, deep learning, and student success. AAC&U projects bring together faculty to develop new curricular frameworks, more engaged and effective classroom and institutional practices, and new ways to advance liberal education for all students.  This work focuses attention on changing demographics, global contexts, and evolving technologies. AAC&U has made a long-term commitment to address the preparation of future faculty and the preparation of all faculty for the future.

Campus Models and Case Studies

Pathways for Learning and Transfer at California State University-Northridge and Pierce College

“Why do I have to take this course?” It’s a question that most faculty members have probably heard at some point—especially if they teach courses that satisfy general education requirements. The... Read More
Montgomery College

Preparing Faculty to Facilitate Global Learning at Montgomery College

Montgomery College, a Maryland community college just north of Washington, DC, boasts an exceptionally diverse student body, with over 164 nationalities represented. Given the global nature of the... Read More
Utah State University

Aligning General Education and the Major at Utah State University

What does it mean to have a college degree? For the degree to have any real meaning, it must represent more than a certain number of credit hours distributed across certain disciplines, with a... Read More
The Advanced Visualization Center creates interactive three-dimensional objects that students can pull apart and manipulate.

Using Technology to Enhance Learning at Wallace State Community College

Much of the current discourse in and about higher education is focused on technology, especially the debate over whether technology-based learning will replace the traditional classroom. A less... Read More
Carleton College

Redefining Faculty Roles at Carleton College

During the 1998-99 academic year, Victoria Morse and her husband, Bill North, experienced the "two-body problem" firsthand. The term, which originally was coined to explain a phenomenon in physics,... Read More