Advocacy for Liberal Education

In coordination with member institutions and on their behalf, AAC&U engages in advocacy within the higher education community and beyond it. The overall goal is to improve the public standing of liberal education by demonstrating and championing the economic and civic value of a liberal education, its ongoing relevance to students’ career aspirations, and its essential role in equipping students for lifelong learning, civic participation, and personal flourishing



Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) is a national public advocacy and campus action initiative that champions the economic and civic value of a liberal education. The initiative promotes Essential Learning Outcomes of a liberal education, Principles of Excellence to guide educational reform and renewal, High-Impact Practices that engage and challenge students, Authentic Assessments that use students’ own work and faculty-validated rubrics, and Signature Work as part of the expected pathway to a degree. 

Through the LEAP States Initiative, educators in state systems and consortia work together in support of transformational change and educational alignment in order to raise the quality of college learning within and across individual states. LEAP States are structured as formal collaboratives and designated as LEAP States through an application process. AAC&U encourages all LEAP States to form partnerships across educational sectors and to engage P–16, civic, and business leaders. 

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AAC&U periodically commissions national surveys and conducts focus groups to examine trends related to college graduates and the most important learning experiences and outcomes they need to successfully navigate the global economy.

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Video recordings of the following webinars are available for AAC&U members to watch on-demand:

Campus Models and Case Studies

Liberal Arts and the Islamic Tradition: General Education at Saudi Arabia’s First Women’s University

When Effat College opened in 1999 as the first women’s college in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), “it was difficult in the beginning,” said President Haifa Reda Jamal Al-Lail. “The brochure or... Read More

Supporting Adjunct and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty: Winners of the 2020 Delphi Award Share Their Strategies

Pretty much everyone working in higher ed knows the “dirty little secrets” about many non-tenure-track teaching positions (full- and part-time, often referred to as adjuncts): the terrible pay, the... Read More

From Learning Communities to Capstones: Faculty Leadership for Integrative Liberal Learning

In September 2018, faculty and administrators from seven institutions gathered at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York, to share the work they continued in the years since they all participated... Read More

The Grand Challenges Scholars Program: Integrating Liberal Arts and STEM

In 2006, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) convened a committee of eighteen of the biggest names in engineering—including former US secretary of defense William Perry and Google cofounder... Read More

A New Institution in a New LEAP State: Faculty-Driven Reform and Innovation at the University of North Georgia

Even before it became an institution, the University of North Georgia (UNG) had LEAP in its DNA. North Georgia College & State University (NGCSU) and Gainesville State College (GSC)—which... Read More