Conference Themes

Supporting a Healthy Democracy

  • Urgency to discuss support healthy democracy
  • Critiques that colleges share the blame for assault on democracy
  • The importance of an equity-first lens
  • Collaborating with partners and organizations outside of higher education (including K-12 schools and other non-profit organizations)
  • Support for voter registration and participation, and other forms of civic engagement

Educating for Effective Citizenship and Civic Engagement

  • Facilitating difficult conversations on campus in the face of political polarization
  • Countering misinformation
  • Teaching advocacy and developing civic agency
  • Incorporating civic education across the curriculum

Conveying Values: Pluralism, Respect, and Inclusion

  • Using the presidential and institutional voice
  • The politics of racial justice
  • Inclusion, free speech, and political correctness
  • Partnering with community
  • Countering mistrust of expertise and higher education generally, along with perceptions of higher education as a bastion of liberalism