Liberal Education: Spring 2001

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Degrees of Value: Technology, Markets, and the Aims of Education

Technology's potential for student learning requires attention to specific standards and strategies such as faculty guidance and a structure that moves students to progressively more advanced accomplishment.

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President's Message

By Carol Geary Schneider

From 1818 R Street NW

By Bridget Puzon

Featured Topic

By Sheila Slaughter, Jeffrey Kittay, and Paul Duguid
How technology driven by market forces is affecting the academy, the professoriate, and the notion of lifelong learning constitutes a picture of current trends and practices as indicators of future higher education.

By Abdul Alkalimat
The information revolution, unlike earlier agrarian and industrial revolutions, holds the promise of bringing about cyberdemocracy for minorities that includes both access and empowerment to serve the user's purposes.

By James J. Duderstadt
Economic, technological, and social changes are driving changes in the university. Is today's form of graduate education preparing the future faculty for a twenty-first century "society of learning"?


By John B. Bennett
The values of liberal learning can be represented by the values that mark conversation: participation, engagement, openness to others.

By Douglas Bennett
Although their objectives and methods differ, various reports that assess institutional quality and learning claim widespread attention. By comparing and evaluating these methods for their usefulness, the need for more effective tools emerges.

By Ron Lee
The motivation to incorporate programs for readying graduate students for the professoriate parallels motivation in other areas of life. Addressing objections to such changes requires a comprehensive look at the state of the profession into which graduate students will be hired.

My View

By Eugenia Gerdes
Teaching students how to use time would enhance their college learning. Students can become more self-conscious about the management of time with a little help from their professors.

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