Institute Faculty Consultants: 2022 Institute on ePortfolios

Helen Chen, Stanford University—ePortfolios and “folio thinking”; engineering and STEM education, design thinking strategies and approaches, engaging stakeholders in academic and student affairs

Jessica Chittum, AAC&U—ePortfolios (research landscape, course-embedded, programmatic, portfolio assessment), course-embedded assessment, rubrics, aligning instruction and assessment, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and action research, and using research and data to inform decisions and improve practice.

David Hubert, Salt Lake Community College—ePortfolio pedagogy with signature assignments and reflection; general education course design; assessment of general education learning outcomes; faculty development; Open Educational Resources; integrating menu-driven general education programs; data for change

Amelia Parnell, NASPA—documenting and assessing co-curricular learning; assessment and evaluation in student affairs; research, policy, and effective practice in support of student success; higher education leadership

Tracy Penny Light, AAEEBL—ePortfolios (implementation and transformation); faculty development; pedagogical practice; learner engagement; student success; documenting learning

C. Edward Watson, AAC&U—ePortfolios (campus-wide adoption, diffusion of innovations); general education; pedagogical practice; faculty development; learning science; research and SoTL