The Alamo Colleges have begun exciting work around MyMAP (Monitoring Academic Progress) for Success, the first project of this magnitude to be undertaken at our institution. What makes this project so groundbreaking for the Alamo Colleges is its collaborative nature and the breadth and depth of its reach. Hundreds of faculty and staff have been involved in the development, planning, and implementation of MyMAP, which is designed to provide pathways for students. Supported by policy and procedures, MyMAP provides formal structure for applying, pre-assessment, enrolling, orientation, and determining a degree plan, all leading to increased graduation rates.

As part of the Roadmap Project, the Alamo Colleges will develop an action plan to guide our work around the very dynamic and evolving MyMAP system, which includes instructional and support activities starting with monitoring and advising prospective students interested in the Alamo Colleges, through completion of the student’s goal. Developed by teams assigned to each area, MyMAP aligns the best practices at the colleges into consistent, required actions of students entering the colleges and continues monitoring and communicating with the student throughout their enrollment. The processes include evaluative activities to ensure continuous improvement. MyMAP includes documented procedures, processes, and reports, all focused on supporting students and providing a cohesive experience across all five of our colleges.

This “new way we do business” with students is currently being phased in. MyMAP Strategies are categorized by Connection (outreach and recruitment), Entry and New Student Orientation, Progress, and Completion. There is alignment between MyMAP, our Student Success procedures, our Student Responsibility policy, our educational philosophy policy and our strategic goals.

For more information on these project goals, see Alamo Colleges' Action Plan from the 2013 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success.