Brookdale Community College’s (BCC) Roadmap Project has two primary goals. Number one is to take our many existing high impact practices (i.e. FYE, Student Success Seminar, Early Bird Registration, ALP, etc.) and make more effective connections among them so that students can plan their college route more effectively. The second goal is to create additional high impact practices to integrate into the existing practices.

Three new high impact practices have been initiated since Brookdale joined the grant as a Phase Two campus. We have created Block Scheduling in our urban sites for three learning communities of students needing three areas of developmental education, including numerous value added strategies to bond these students. In Fall 2013, we will have our first pilot project for e-portfolios, including e-portfolios for the Block Scheduled Learning Communities. The final practice is anchoring basic skills in college level courses by bringing our Writing Center into the library and making it more integrated with social science courses where writing is a major requirement. Our goal is to give students a better way to plan their education upon entering Brookdale and to have GPS “maps” for students of every skill level and discipline, hopefully in “App” form.

For more information on these project goals, see Brookdale Community College's Action Plan from the 2013 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success.