Chattanooga State Community College’s Roadmap proposal is directly linked to the strategies and goals of its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), W.E. Succeed: Work Ethic First. The Work Ethic Learning Outcome is defined by four key attributes: Teamwork, Integrity, Productivity, and Professionalism. The QEP, supported by the campus research of the Access to Success (A2S) Initiative, is joining forces and seeks to encourage students’ ownership of educational success through purposeful implementation of ePortfolios for personal and professional development. Focus groups conducted last summer revealed that students want, in addition to academic and career advice, more support with life skills. The Roadmap plan builds upon existing support structures, introducing ePortfolio development early-on when students are participating in orientation and advising. Students will be asked to write a brief bio, list short-term and long-term goals, and complete the Self-Reflection Inventory, a W.E. Succeed instrument that focuses on work ethic issues and personal concerns for college success. Continuous ePortfolio development, goal setting, and personal reflection will provide students with robust information for use during academic advising, career counseling, and mentoring to help them define a meaningful journey and persist to achieve their learning goals. By integrating ePortfolio with existing support structures such as student orientations, the Personal College Success course offered to incoming freshman, advising, life-skills workshops, and work ethic instruction and mentoring, Chattanooga State’s Roadmap encourages students to be active partners in their own educational and career planning and success.

See Chattanooga State's e-portfolio template here:

For more information on these project goals, see Chattanooga State Community College's Action Plan from the 2013 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success.