The Community College of Allegheny County (CACC) has implemented many policy changes and initiatives to help students succeed since joining Achieving the Dream (ATD) in 2006-07. CCAC became an ATD Leader College in 2011 by demonstrating a commitment to the four principles of Achieving the Dream and documenting sustained improvement on the number of students who successfully completed their developmental coursework within two years. CCAC’s experience with Achieving the Dream has served to highlight the issues related to the challenges faced by developmental students, as well as the challenges faced by the college in providing an appropriate array of supports and interventions in order to help these students successfully complete their courses.

Through Developing a Community College Student Roadmap, CCAC will integrate what appear to be three isolated initiatives by focusing on the need to accelerate developmental student success in college-level courses. The academic and student services divisions will work together to create intentional connections between:

Academic Map– The map will illustrate the enrollment pathway emphasizing the early stages from matriculation through the completion of the first college-level math and writing courses.

Accelerated Learning Program– ALP is a paired-course offering that requires students to enroll in ENG-100 and ENG-101 simultaneously. The developmental course is structured to provide the support students need to succeed in the college-level course.

Learning Commons– The new Title III funded learner-centered spaces will provide tutoring, faculty interaction and facilitated computer-assisted learning.

This effort will support the college’s general education goal for Communication by ensuring that students will have the skills needed for success in their writing-intensive courses.

For more information on these project goals, see CCAC's Action Plan from the 2013 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success.