The Wallace State Community College – Hanceville (WSCC) Roadmap team is planning to build upon the College’s current QEP project. Our QEP focuses on creating a freshman seminar course that integrates high-impact practices to promote student success and foster retention. As the cornerstone of their freshman seminar experience, students will begin building an ePortfolio, which they will add to throughout their semester in freshman seminar. Our Roadmap project will take this ePortfolio beyond freshman seminar to make it a capstone project that is required of all students who graduate from our institution. We are seeking to make the ePortfolio a high-impact-practice-based, long-term learning experience for our students – and a valuable collection of artifacts that will be an asset to our students as they seek employment or further educational opportunities. WSCC’s current strategic plan is entitled “Readinessᶟ: Ready for College, Ready for Work, Ready for Life.” Built throughout each student’s academic career at WSCC, the Roadmap Capstone ePortfolio will be a significant learning tool to promote student readiness and success as defined in our strategic plan.

For more information on these project goals, see Wallace State Community College's Action Plan from the 2013 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success.