The Community College of Baltimore County’s (CCBC) Male Engagement Network of Scholars (MENS) will address the cognitive and affective needs of at-risk male learners. CCBC’s research has shown large achievement gaps in grades, retention, transfer, and graduation between African American and white students; African American males are particularly at risk. CCBC has instituted a number of ‘high impact’ practices, including special sections of the academic development course (ACDV101) targeted at African-American males, culturally responsive teaching, financial literacy, and accelerated developmental education courses. This project seeks to link these high-impact practices together, supplement them with other interventions, and expand them beyond the first semester.

In this project, CCBC will directly target males, especially African Americans, and will provide multiple high-impact practices through this multi-semester program. It will expand the number of sections of ACDV 101 for African American males, with the goal of serving 500 students a year. Additionally, students will have an orientation which will include preparation for the placement test, targeted advising, and mentoring. Other high impact practices will be incorporated, such as early alert and community service projects during key periods (winter break and summer break). A key feature of the MENS Program will be the embedding of culturally responsive teaching topics throughout all interactions.

For more information on these project goals, see Community College of Baltimore County's Action Plan from the 2013 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success.