Peer Review, Spring/Summer 2008

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Student Political Engagement

This issue examines how the academy engages students in their learning today to help them grow as engaged citizens for tomorrow.

The Democracy Imperative (TDI) has developed a discussion guide (pdf) for campuses to use in conjunction with this issue. Written by Nancy L. Thomas, acting TDI director and an author in this issue, the guide was created for multiple uses―as a classroom teaching tool, a faculty development instrument, for use in strategic planning processes, and as a means to engage trustees in a discussion about the aims of higher education. The guide, Democratic and Political Learning, can be found on the TDI Web site.

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By Shelley Johnson Carey


By Richard M. Hollister, Nancy Wilson and Peter Levine

By Anthony DeForest Molina, Elizabeth Theiss-Smith and Richard Braunstein

By Yvette Alex-Assensoh and Mary Ryan

Reality Check

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