Peer Review, Spring 2012

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The Liberally Educated Professional

This issue explores how various professional programs, such as education, engineering, and nursing, can be designed to go beyond narrow professional training to produce "liberally educated professionals."

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An interview with Michael Bassis, Westminster College (Utah); Christopher Dahl, State University of New York, Geneseo; Helen Giles-Gee, Keene State College; and Richard Guarasci, Wagner College

To set the context for this issue of Peer Review and to get a sense of how leaders from a range of institutions are working to create effective programs and practices to graduate liberally educated professionals, we asked Michael Bassis, president of Westminster College (Utah); Christopher Dahl, president of State University of New York, Geneseo; Helen Giles-Gee, president of Keene State College; and Richard Guarasci, president of Wagner College, to share their thoughts on this topic.


Richard F. Vaz, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Jan Riggsbee, David Malone, and Matthew Straus, Duke University

Mary-Ellen Fleeger and Thomas W. Connelly, Jr., Keene State College

Susan Albertine, Association of American Colleges and Universities; Donna J. Petersen, University of South Florida; and Christine Plepys, Association of Schools of Public Health


Julie Kliegl, Wartburg College, and Kari D. Weaver, University of
South Carolina Aiken

Reality Check

Ronit Patnaik, Purdue University

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