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Faculty Leadership for Integrative Liberal Learning

This issue, sponsored by the Teagle and Mellon foundations, offers insights about the central role of faculty in galvanizing the necessary experiences that cross disciplines, units, and campus boundaries to promote integrative learning.

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From the Editor

By Shelley Johnson Carey


By Ann S. Ferren, AAC&U; Chad Anderson, Georgetown University; and Kevin Hovland, NAFSA: Association of International Educators



By Karen Brakke, Michelle S. Hite, Azaria Mbughuni, Opal Moore, Bruce H. Wade, Mona Taylor Phillips— all of Spelman College 

By Eric Boynton, Lee Coates, and Laura Reeck—all of Allegheny College

By Patricia Tooker, Nick Richardson, Stephen Preskill, and John Esser; all of Wagner College

By Louis E. Newman, Scott Carpenter, Nathan Grawe, and Susan Jaret-McKinstry—all of Carleton College

By Linda Eisenmann, Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus, Lisa Gavigan, and Kathleen Morgan—all of Wheaton College

By Nancy Budwig, Sarah Michaels, and Lisa Kasmer; all of Clark University

By Susan Merriam, Eric Trudel, Simeen Sattar, Maria Sachiko Cecire, and Michelle Murray—all of Bard College

By Eleanor Townsley, Becky Wai-Ling Packard, and Eva Paus—all of Mount Holyoke College


By Ann S. Ferren and Rebecca Dolinsky, both of AAC&U; and Heather McCambly, Office of Community College Research and Leadership

Reality Check

By Beau Breslin, Michael Arnush, and Peter von Allmen—all of Skidmore College

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