Peer Review, Fall 2015

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Advancing Collaborative Roadmaps for Student Success

Sponsored by The Kresge Foundation, this issue focuses on campus, state, regional, and national strategies for “Advancing Roadmaps for Community College Leadership to Improve Student Learning and Success.” Leaders from Jobs for the Future, Achieving the Dream, the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education,  the American Association of Community Colleges, and the Council on Undergraduate Research contributed to the issue and AAC&U Roadmap Project colleges collaborated across institutions to write articles that highlight emerging practices for improving student learning and success based on the LEAP framework.

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From the Editor

Shelley Johnson Carey


Tia Brown McNair, AAC&U; Lara K. Couturier, HCM Strategists; and Kevin Christian, American Association of Community Colleges


Mary Carney, University of North Georgia; Dallas Dolan, Community College of Baltimore County; and Donna Seagle, Chattanooga State Community College

Mary Harrill, National Association for the Education of Young Children; Julia A. Lawton, Achieving the Dream; and Jo-Carol Fabianke, Alamo Colleges

David Hubert and Jason Pickavance, both of Salt Lake Community College; and Amanda Hyberger, Chattanooga State Community College

Richard J. Prystowsky, Lansing Community College; Andrew K. Koch, John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education and Gateways to Completion; and Christopher A. Baldwin, Jobs for the Future

Maurice Johnson and Mark Williams, both of Community College of Baltimore County; and J. Luke Wood, San Diego State University


Nancy H. Hensel, New American Colleges and Universities; and Brent D. Cejda, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Reality Check

Debra D. Bragg, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

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