2022 Massachusetts PKAL Network Winter Meeting

Developing Equity and Inclusion at the Department Level

February 1, 2022
A Virtual Meeting Hosted by Bridgewater State University
131 Summer Street
Bridgewater, MA 02324




Event Overview

After improving one’s personal practice in teaching and advising, the next important place faculty and STEM administrators can influence equitable outcomes and inclusive excellence is within one’s department. Improving climate, choices about teaching modalities, program review and assessment, and significant review of tenure- and non-tenure-track faculty all happen at the department level where faculty work and have the largest impact.  This meeting will highlight national, regional, institutional, and department-level efforts to achieve equity and inclusive excellence within departments. 

Following an opening plenary, participants will share experiences in concurrent sessions featuring workshops (60 to 75 minutes) or brief presentations (15 minutes).  All sessions will be virtual. We welcome proposed sessions in either format that focus on the following themes. 

  • Reforms to teaching practices within a department, either for multi-section or gateway courses, that promote equity and inclusion 

  • Reforms to department practices and culture that promote inclusion or equitable outcomes 

  • Practices that have led to better evaluation and support of full or part-time faculty to enhance or recognize those faculty’s teaching of all students 

  • Practices or reforms that have elevated the voices of traditionally marginalized communities within your discipline 

  • Other inclusive practices that are leading to more equitable outcomes within your department. 

Registration is coming soon! 
Registration is $35 per person; waived for community college faculty (by MA PKAL). Registration deadline is January 29, 2022. 

Please contact Tom Kling at tkling@bridgew.edu