Application Guidelines

Forming a Team and Creating a Strong Application

Application deadline: Friday, February 9, 2018

Institute Campus Teams

Five-person teams must include a senior academic officer and faculty members from a range of disciplines. Team composition should reflect the campus’s diversity. All team members must be in residence for the entire Institute.

Application Components and Selection Criteria

Address these questions in the narrative portion of the application:

1. Need: What is your current general education model and what has motivated a desire for reform? Have assessment results prompted the review or do you need help creating an assessment plan? What work already has been accomplished and by whom? What resources or political issues are at play in the process? Has a unified vision of the planned reform emerged?

2. Goals: What high-priority tasks do you expect your team to work on during the Institute? (These should be the tasks that, if advanced substantially during the Institute, would lead your team and campus to judge your efforts a success.)

3. Team characteristics: In what ways do your team members reflect the range of concerns surrounding general education redesign on your campus? How do they reflect the diversity and the various interest groups on your campus?

4. Contributions: What do you believe your institution can contribute to the Institute?

The narrative should be clear and concise—no more than 1,300 words.

Applications will be judged on the extent to which the Institute can assist the applying institution in meeting its general education reform efforts. Reviewers will also balance a number of other considerations, such as institutional type and project focus, to ensure a representative group of participants.

Application deadline: Friday, February 9, 2018

Application Form