AAC&U Releases Statement on Providing Better Evidence on College Learning and Completion

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 12:45

Responding to the calls for better information about how well colleges and universities are serving today's students, AAC&U's Board of Directors has released a statement urging institutions of higher education to take the lead in framing these debates around appropriate metrics that focus on what students learn in college, as well as completion rates. AAC&U applauds the measures being taken by sister organizations and institutions to assess the quality of student learning, and to collect better data on the complicated educational pathways of today's students. AAC&U also encourages member institutions to explore whether participation in the Voluntary System of Accountability, the U-CAN initiative, or the Voluntary Framework of Accountability would be useful to them in presenting a more accurate picture of their own institutional results. For more information, read the press release about the statement from AAC&U's Board of Directors.