AAC&U develops and advances assessment practices that deepen, integrate, and demonstrate student learning, through advocacy of learning-centered assessment policies, support for campus work to develop meaningful assessment approaches, and experimentation with common e-portfolio frameworks. Through its ground-breaking national initiative, VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education), AAC&U has worked with faculty and assessment expert teams across the country to develop a set of 16 rubrics through which institutions can evaluate cross-cutting capacities students develop across courses and programs. More than 2000 institutions are currently using VALUE rubrics as part of their assessment plans. AAC&U has also developed the “Personal and Social Responsibility Inventory,” a campus climate tool designed to assess various campus constituents’ perceptions regarding opportunities for education for personal and social responsibility.

Campus Models and Case Studies

The new Pathways requirement at SCU extends general education into the junior and senior years and asks students to think reflectively about their education.

Encouraging Integrative Learning through Pathways and E-Portfolios at Santa Clara University

When Santa Clara University (SCU) began revising its core curriculum in 2005, it identified integrative learning as a crucial element of the university’s identity and mission. It’s not an uncommon... Read More
Students at the 2013 Summer Bridge Program wear color-coded shirts matched to their "houses"--the learning communities to which they belong throughout their first year at the college.

Assessment for Learning: Building a New Curriculum at Charles and Stella Guttman Community College

Building a college from scratch presents a lot of challenges, but it's also "fantastically freeing to be able to start fresh," says Scott Evenbeck, president of Charles and Stella Guttman Community... Read More
IUPUI-Ivy Tech Office of Coordinated Programs

Passport to Transfer: Ivy Tech Community College and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) is less than three miles from the Central Indiana campus of Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana's statewide community college system. The two... Read More
SLCC, a large community college with more than a dozen instructional sites, developed collegewide learning outcomes and asks students to demonstrate their mastery of these outcomes in their electronic portfolios.

Signature Assignments Become a Signature Practice at Salt Lake Community College

In David Hubert's political science class at Salt Lake Community College, students analyze campaign finance data and write papers about recent elections in Utah. In Kati Lewis's composition class,... Read More
At Texas A&M, faculty members who have had success with assessment help encourage their colleagues. (Photo courtesy Texas A&M)

Taking Assessment University-Wide at Texas A&M

Texas A&M University has a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to assessment: Make it useful, make it flexible, and "play with the people who want to play," says Ryan McLawhon, Texas A&M's... Read More