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AAC&U grieves with the family and friends of George Floyd over their ongoing trauma and loss. We acknowledge that the repeated incidents of anti-Black police violence did not begin or end with the killing of George Floyd. Neither will they end with the conviction of Derek Chauvin. These wrenching incidents and their aftermath point to the profound and urgent need for racial equity and healing in our communities and across our country.
AAC&U joined almost fifty other higher education organizations in signing a statement opposing efforts across the nation to suppress voting by qualified voters, including college students. We call on lawmakers to take action to ensure that civic participation in America continues to move forward, not backward.
How College Contributes to Workforce Success: Employer Views on What Matters Most presents findings from a recent survey of executives and hiring managers. The report explores perspectives on workforce preparedness, the educational outcomes and experiences that affect hiring decisions, and the preparation of recent graduates for short- and long-term career success. Also examined are variations in employer views based on age and level of educational attainment.
AAC&U Vice President Dawn Michele Whitehead is a coauthor of the International Coalition for Global Education and Exchange’s white paper on Advancing Global Stability and U.S. National Security through Peaceful Exchange.
Terrel Rhodes has retired as vice president of the Office of Quality, Curriculum, and Assessment and executive director of VALUE. Since joining AAC&U in 2006, his visionary leadership has led to transformative improvements to higher education pedagogy and assessment. The entire AAC&U community will miss his contributions and companionship.